Hair Transplant

The beauty and health of hair has always been one of the most important signs of beauty for both women and men. Both strive to present themselves in the most beautiful way to obtain an attractive appearance in front of society, because the attractiveness of men lies in the signs of masculinity, the most important of which is beautiful healthy hair and getting healthy hair is not easy. The factors affecting hair growth cause hair loss and at a young age as well. Here comes the role, men’s hair transplantation, you can be one of two thirds of the men of the world who have experienced a condition of baldness, even if you are in the adulthood stage it is sure to go into a bald condition
Genetic factors are more common, such as hereditary alopecia.
Scalp diseases that directly affect hair loss, such as alopecia-
Thyroid disorders-
Metabolic disorder in the human body-
Some chronic diseases-
Many medications cause hair loss as a side effect-
Neurological problems and disorders such as stress, tension and fear.
And other reasons-
:Hair transplantation methods

– FUE technology:
One of the methods used to give an attractive appearance and remove problems related to baldness, by which the number of follicles is grown up to 5,000 bulbs, according to WHO instructions,

The procedure is divided into two consecutive days, as the doctor takes an accurate approach. Each hair group takes only one hair from the micro motor, thus maintaining the integrity of the donor area without causing any negative effect on it or causing any bald areas. As a result of graft extortion it is wrong where most centers, then the doctor opens channels in the scalp and then replant the follicles again in those channels.

DHI technology:
This technology features the latest technology and high accuracy based on the so-called cultivated pens CHOI PEN, which provides high coverage and high density. It also gives the doctor more ability to control the direction of hair completely and differently for transplantation in a manner that does not require the doctor to open the channels in a small wound as in the previous technique, but simply dropping the vaccinations is implanted directly inside the scalp which reduces side effects and without scar surgery. .
This technology is the latest previous technology and has several uses for features the most important of which is that shaving the head does not need them completely, which makes it the most demanding technology for many people.
The maximum number in this technology reaches 6000 bulbs.

Many women want to have long healthy and wonderful hair which is one of the signs of beauty in women, women who have long hair and beautiful and strong confidence in themselves and become a positive energy source for them
There are many factors that affect hair, including pathogenicity, including genetic and others
More than a third of the world’s population, women, suffer from hair problems and hair loss. With the development of technology, expertise and tools, we can permanently overcome these problems. We see many celebrities and media professionals suffer from hair problems. The latest technology. We recommend that people with hair loss problems visit us to overcome these problems because they have the technologies that made science hair transplantation easy

We provide the best solutions and techniques in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery
The cause of hair loss in women:
Hormonal changes.
– Aging.
-Skin diseases such as alopecia areata.
– Diseases of the gland.
-Vitamin deficiency.
-Wounds and burns.
*Some unsatisfactory factors, such as hereditary factors, long hair coverage, stress factor, stress and many other factors.
Women usually do not get bald like men and often do not have as much baldness or bald spots as men. But when we come to implantation, we get the same techniques used as men’s hair transplantation

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