Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile:

It is a set of procedures performed on the teeth in order to reach the best appearance appropriate for the face and appropriate and a correct smile, and there are several methods, which are:

Dental problems such as caries, roots, tooth erosion, growth aberrations, tooth abscesses, etc. are treated.
Remove the accumulated calcification on the teeth and clean them
Mounting veneer lenses on the teeth for a great smile and teeth appearance.

When going to the doctor, he performs an examination and makes an evaluation of the state of the teeth, and if the teeth do not have any problems, the doctor installs the dental lenses directly.

Types of dental lenses:

The veneer is the most common name for dental lenses, which mainly reflects the smile of Hollywood. One of the most famous lenses is luminaire, which is one of the best lenses, the least thick and the most solid and does not need to prepare and cold to a large extent.

The use of the best types of lenses is the best and most reliable solution for the gums and to obtain great results because cheap lenses may lead to dental problems and can give a less natural look and be easier and less in life span.

 benefits of a Hollywood smile:

When performing the operation, you get many advantages that are not available in any other dental treatment, including:

-The Hollywood Smile operation is a process with immediate results immediately after the installation of the Veneer lenses.
-There is no need to wait and whiten teeth in several sessions to start showing results through several sessions.
-Hollywood Smile stays with you for many years
-Dental lenses add a layer of protection to the teeth, although the protection is limited because it places a barrier between the enamel of the teeth, drinks and foods.
-The harmonious white smile gives you a wonderful psychological feeling and is the key to the beauty of the face and mouth as well

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