Non Surgical Anti Aging

Botox face injection:
Botox is a substance containing botulinum toxin produced by botulinum bacteria Clostridium. These bacteria are classified into five main types, we are interested in Type A, as it is the type used in plastic surgery.

Upon injection, this substance relaxes the facial muscles, causing wrinkles that are mainly caused by muscle contraction upon stress, which leaves their lasting effects on the face over time.

Steps to perform a facial injection using botox
You may need to undergo local anesthesia of the facial skin prior to injection so that you do not feel pain when the procedure is complete. Anesthesia is usually done with a topical cream or spray at most, in the end Botox injection is not considered a major operation. Some doctors administer the injection without anesthesia, and none of their patients complain of severe pain.

Injecting Botox needles into the face
This is the step that shapes the results, and mainly depends on the skill of the doctor. The injection sites change according to the person’s special condition. You may be surprised when you find your doctor and ask you many questions about the nature of your life and food, and how much pressure you are exposed to. But the truth is that these questions are necessary to determine the most appropriate way to inject in your case, and the distribution of units used by the doctor.

The operation ends with some anti-inflammatory preparations, and your doctor tells you the necessary instructions for the recovery period until you pass safely.


It is a substance used to fill under the skin, and is used for two primary purposes. The first purpose is to hide wrinkles and scars, and wrinkles are only a lack of collagen under the skin and consequently voids occur and wrinkles appear, and FILLER is used in this case to fill those voids so that wrinkles disappear.

The second purpose is inflation and inflation. Many girls experience sunken cheeks, delicate lips, a slender face, or other problems that can arise at a young age before wrinkles appear frequently. Either way, Filler was the quick and magic solution to eliminating these two problems. .

The material for me to fill a face filler:
It is not possible to determine the type of FILLER material that is appropriate for you alone, that is, you cannot go to a plastic surgeon and tell him, for example, that you prefer collagen injections on your face because you have seen their wonderful results on your girlfriend or that they are appropriate to your budget, only a doctor can determine the type of FILLER that is appropriate for you Because each skin is different.

By performing numerous analyzes and apparent facial detection, your doctor can determine the type of makeup that is appropriate for your face, which will inevitably be the best for you in terms of results and avoiding risks.

Filler features:

Filler has many advantages that make it the preferred choice for many ladies and young girls too, these include:

Quick results: You can see the results right after the injection.
Great results: If you are looking for a wrinkle free face that is naturally full, then FILLER Face Injection is the right choice for you.
Does not require anesthesia: Injection does not cause pain mostly, but a local anesthetic cream can be used before FILLER is injected into the face.
Safety: FILLER injection into the face is a largely safe procedure, because it is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia, and the materials used in it are safe as mentioned above.
Doesn’t cause inflammation: These are great FILLER advantages for the face, as the materials used are easy and fast absorbing.

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